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Magic Cooker POT

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We are Hidden Heaven. And we serve you with the best quality and price. This

WELLBEING MAGIC COOKER is the best design and quality. I hope you enjoy our products. Thank you.


Jade Cook No Burn Pan

Features and Strong points of JEION waterless cook.


Cooking by Convection Current & Far-infrared Radiation of Jade Grain.

It cooks foods by heating moisture of food material themselves.

Some foods can be cooked without water or oil and it cooks foods with the best taste and health.


It cooks foods by convection current of air layer, so it not be boiled over and it minimize the unpleasant smell when you roast meats and fishes.


It cooks foods by using convention and conduction heat transfer method, therefore the proper temperature is being continued for the best cook. So the foods could not be burnt with no smoke.


The Jade Grain in spread capsule prevents the direct trasfer of heating temperature to the bottom surface which food materials are on, and the heating temperature is being transferred through empted air layer for keeping constant temperature. After turn off the gas, the hot temperature is being continued for more than 5 minutes and you can enjoy good tasty food.

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